TalentOrb - Advanced ATS Software for Efficient Recruiting

TalentOrb – Applicant Tracking System

TalntOrb - Applicant Tracking System

All in one Applicant Tracking System for every recruiter

TalentOrb is a modern age applicant tracking system that simplifies the hiring process, streamlines it and makes it efficient. It brings entire team on-board and helps you to make informed & data-driven decisions. We automate the hiring process and provides effective solutions to recruitment agencies, staffing companies, SMEs and large enterprises.


From 500+ Clients

Trusted by 1500+
Hiring Managers

Profiles Managed
50000 +
Interview Scheduled
10000 +
Average Time Saved
1642 Hrs

A perfect solution to all the problems related to hiring process

Solutions for Recruitment Agencies

Solutions for Manpower Supply Agencies

Solutions for Mid-Large Enterprises

TalentOrb – A perfect solution to all the problems related to hiring process

Boost Recruitment Efficiency by 40%

  • Speed up hiring with advanced CV parsing technology.
  • Fine-tune candidate selection through smart profile ranking.
  • Streamline recruitment with a user-friendly candidate and employee-referral portals.
  • Elevate recruiter performance with an intuitive UI and dynamic dashboards.

Cut 50% Job Portal Dependency

  • Create a tailored profile bank that grows over time.
  • Reduce job board logins by a significant 50%.
  • Tap into alternative talent sources with employee referral modules.
  • Lessen dependence on external job portals for better control.

Enhance Conflict Management by 80%

  • Thorough tracking of all requisition-related events
  • TalentOrb delivers accurate event timestamps for clarity.
  • Quickly identify event triggers for improved. accountability.
  • Streamline workflow management and oversight.

Slash Resource Tracking Efforts by 50%

  • Benefit from system-driven statuses and reminders.
  • Enjoy automated notifications and follow-ups for efficiency.
  • Say goodbye to manual tracking and spreadsheet chaos.
  • Experience seamless resource management.

Minimizing Hiring Costs up to 30-40%

  • Boost recruiter productivity by an impressive 50%
  • Accommodate twice the hiring volume with ease.
  • Maximize resources with your existing team of recruiters.
  • Experience significant savings in overall hiring expenditures.

Why is TalentOrb first choice of the recruiters?

We offer an all-in-one ATS solution that includes advanced features

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Seamless Integration to boost the recruitment process

Seamless Integration to boost recruitment

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