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Benefits of CV Parsing in an Applicant Tracking System

CV Parsing

Recruitment is an important function in every organization. Getting a right candidate which fits your organization is very essential. Hence, recruiter needs to be focused with the recruitment activities. For the recruiter who are working on multiple job requisitions and are dealing with hundreds of the resumes, it becomes very difficult of them to be focused on every single task they do.

It becomes mandatory to aid the recruiters with the automations and help them reduce the manual tasks they do. That is why, now a days, the organizations use ATS to boost the recruitment process. Today we will talk about a brilliant feature which reduces the manual data entry by the recruiter. Yes, you guessed right, it is CV Parsing!!!

What is CV Parsing?

CV parsing is the process by which a CV is automatically converted and imported into your recruitment CRM or the Applicant Tracking System. Specific candidate information like Name, Email address, Contact number, Skill Set and the highest education qualification, etc. gets imported from the CV into fields within your ATS, which makes very easy for the recruiter to search, filter, and access the above mentioned specific information about a candidate in just a few clicks.

How does CV Parsing works?

CV Parsing feature in the TalentOrb operates when the user uploads the CV into the parsing tool. After which a pre-populated candidate data appears in-front of you. This pre population is the effect of CV parsing. The recruiter can fill up the remaining blank fields. Once these steps are complete, the candidate now exists in the TalentOrb Profile Bank. You can check your latest added candidates by sorting the data in the profile bank using table “sort by last update”.

Benefits of CV Parsing tool in the TalentOrb ATS

1. This feature extracts the key information from the candidate resume automatically
2. It allows you to upload multiple files in one go
3. It also allows you to upload a compressed file of the CVs.
4. It allows the recruiter to get rid of manual/ traditional filling up of the candidate data in the profile bank.
5. Saves time and efforts of the recruiter
6. It immensely helps during walk ins and the bulk hiring

I hope you liked this feature.

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