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Profits of using an Applicant Tracking System for Recruiting

Profits and benefits of using an ATS

"TalentOrb” is an applicant tracking system which offers recruitment solutions for recruitment and staffing agencies, temporary staffing companies as well as corporates. It is best ATS because it offers the solutions as per your needs. It eliminates the manual tasks, automates your recruitment process with intelligence, and makes it efficient. Hiring process can be made simple and effortless to, by implementing an applicant tracking system (ATS). It will help you identify and employ the best candidate. Investing in an ATS will offer you several key benefits.

Here are some of the reasons why you should be using ATS for recruiting.

Why should you opt for an ATS?

This question may always cross your mind that “why should I use an applicant tracking system?” there are plenty of tools available online which make your lives and task easier. An ATS will help a recruiting manager when it comes to time and the need to recruit the best talent in an efficient manner.

Easing the workload of recruiter

An ATS will help in automating the recruiting process. This will help in identifying the applicants which are suitable and the time which it takes in hiring an applicant will be reduced. The manual work like online job posting, resume screening, and interview scheduling and other activities associated with searching the ideal candidate can be reduced. This will help you in allocating more time to other hiring efforts.

Matching applicants to the jobs

An applicant tracking system will be helpful in matching applicants to the jobs. For instance, in case you have turned down an applicant for a certain role because they failed to fit in their criteria, the ATS will retain the candidates resume on the file and will flag any positive match in the future. The HR team would only have to get in touch and know if they are interested in the position in the organization.

Engaging the applicants

As technology has advanced so are the applicants getting picky. Researches show that 40% of the applicants tend to abandon their applications halfway through if the company fails to optimize the hiring process for the mobile platforms. This is the time where you find the applicant tracking system coming in. As the ATS is mobile-friendly, the follow-up rate is higher.

A better candidate experiences

When it comes to candidates, if they do not get regular updates about the status of their applications, it is likely that they will lose interest. According to a study, this happens with almost one-third of the applicants. It is very difficult to keep a track and responding to such many resumes for the personnel departments. However, the forte of applicant tracking systems is that of automated responses and social job posting which results in you worrying about this one thing.

Reducing the compliance concerns

An applicant tracking system assists in satisfying the diverse objectives and automates the process of hiring for making it more compliant, and technology works in favor and protects the company from the government lawsuits and inspections. In worst case scenarios if there are any audits or litigations then your ATS will provide you with all the relevant information that is required to handle it.

These are the profits of using an applicant tracking system. It’s always wise to invest in an ATS in order to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.

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