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Recruiters, do you wish to impress your client? FacePage – an automation in TalentOrb will help you!


In today’s recruitment world, the companies who use Applicant Tracking System or the Recruitment CRM have an added advantage to quickly attract, scan, interview and hire the right candidate at the right time. On the other hand, the companies who do not use this software has to comprise with the quality as well as they end up consuming a lot of time.
Implementing and streamlining the agile recruitment process, can function with the help of the automation tools which enables the Talent Acquisition team to focus on the aspects that matters the most.

TalentOrb is thoughtfully designed and is used by us since 10 plus years and we are committed to boost the recruitment function for our clientele.

Today, we will discuss, on the feature, FacePage – which enables the Hiring Manger to focus on what matters the most while choosing the candidate.

What is FacePage?

The FacePage is the TalentOrb feature which helps to send the profile snapshot of the candidate to the client with the company’s branding (like logo and company description).
This feature extracts the key information from the candidate resume and creates the summary of the resume automatically.
Seems interesting right, now let us understand how this feature works and turns to be a boon for both the recruiter as well as the client.

How FacePage works?

The recruiter selects few candidates from the profile bank against the job requisition. Now he needs to send this to client, and then client will choose which candidates needs to be called for the interview.
When the recruiter emails the candidate resume to the client through TalentOrb, FacePage appears before the actual resume of the candidate.

When the client will see the summary of the resume, even without going through the complete resume, I am sure will make the client happy.

Now you know how this feature is a boon to both the recruiter and the client.

Benefits of FacePage

1. It represents the company brand in front of your clientele
2. It automatically extracts the key information from candidate resume.
3. The FacePage boost the decision-making process of the client in choosing the candidates.
4. It saves time and efforts of the recruiter as well as the client.

Would you like to boost your recruitment business?