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Resume Management System in TalentOrb, perform your tasks seamlessly!

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The recruiters spend most of their time with resume handling activities. These activities mostly include sourcing candidate profiles, scanning them and sending them to the clients. Also, they need to maintain spreadsheets to keep track of all these activities. To help the recruiters with all these time-consuming activities, TalentOrb offers a bouquet of features for Resume Management Activities. This will allow the recruiter to focus on choosing the right candidate which is also made easy with TalentOrb.

Resume Management System in an ATS is an important function which helps the recruiter to search the relevant candidates, map it against the job opening and proceed with their candidature. Let us look at the various features of TalentOrb, which makes it a perfect gift for the recruiters.

CV Parsing in RMS

CV Parsing

The recruiter needs to scan a hundred resumes daily to hire talent in the organization. Doing it manually can consume a lot of time and energy. CV Parsing feature of TalentOrb allows the recruiter to upload multiple resumes into the system at one go. This is excellent automation that reads the data from a CV and maps it against the suitable fields in the profile bank.

This feature allows a recruiter to

  1. Scan the bunch of resumes at a single click.
  2. Save their precious time.
  3. Map the relevant field in the resume automatically into the profile bank.
  4. Save the database for future use.

Resume extractor

Searching for the right candidate from a Job portal can baffle each recruiter. The resume extractor feature of TalentOrb helps the recruiter to add a candidate from the job portal to the profile bank automatically. It parses the information from the webpage and quickly adds it to the profile bank for further use.

This feature allows a recruiter to

  1. Choose the profile from job boards and click on Resume Extractor to add it to the ATS.
  2. The profile you import is saved to your profile bank as a candidate record.
  3. Makes it easy to pull the profiles from job boards.
Resume Extractor in RMS

Resume Ranking

As soon as a job requisition is created, it is assigned to a recruiter. The first thing which recruiter does is find suitable candidates against the requisition from hundreds of the candidates. Manually doing it can make a recruiter crazy! Here you go, we have a brilliant feature “Resume Ranking” which automates this process. While mapping the candidate to a requisition from profile bank it ranks the resumes from most suitable to less suitable.

This feature allows a recruiter to

  1. Makes it super easy for the recruiter to choose the relevant candidate.
  2. Saves a lot of time from manual screening.
  3. Makes your recruitment process fast and efficient.


This is an excellent automation by TalentOrb. This automates the process of sending an email to your client which consist the candidate profiles. It adds your brand image (your logo, company description, etc.) before the resume loads along with the key summary of the resume. At a quick glance, your client will see your brand data as well as the crux of the candidate resume.

This feature helps in

  1. Building your brand and standing out in the competition.
  2. Key summary of the resume saves the client’s time and impress them.
  3. Adds the value in decision making process while selecting a candidate.
FacePage in RMS

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