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Recruitment challenges and the solutions

recruitment challenges and Solution

Dear Readers,

In this article, we will discuss, recruitment trends in 2021. The changes and adoption policy(solutions) for recruiters.

We have seen disruption in the way organizations work in 2020. So, has been an impact on the recruitment and the onboarding process. More and more organizations have adopted to virtual recruiting technologies and shifted their focus to attract remote candidates. More focus has been on automation and organizations were keen to reduce the manual dependency. The goal is simply to make the recruitment business “process dependent” and not “people dependent”. Let us look at the measures which need to be adopted to achieve this goal.


1. Increase use of digital hiring.

During COVID-19 recruitment business has seen many changes. Many companies have managed to swiftly move towards the new change whereas few impacted and monitored a slowdown in their recruitment. One way to overcome the slowdown is adopting new ways to conduct the interviews. The traditional phone and email routine are still there, however, the new addition is the video interview. Recruiters have switched to video interviews instead of face-to-face interviews.

There are many advantages of conducting video interviews. It can cut short your duration of hiring by almost 50%. It also enables easy scheduling of the interviews and management. It also reduces the biased screening, as there is always the option to review the video interviews. The data gathering also becomes easier and increases the efficiency of the recruitment decisions.

2. Improved candidate experience.

This is an online world; a single poor candidate experience will expose you to this online world. If the connection with the candidate is improper there are changes of the candidate getting dropped. On the other hand, if there is an improved candidate experience you tend to get more and more candidates and referrals. Using an ATS will help to improve the candidate experience. Reminders, status displays are a few of the key elements that enrich the candidate experience. We are using TalentOrb and it helps a lot. These happy candidates can make your publicity on Social media and Job boards. So improved candidate experience is a must recruitment strategy.

3. Personalized Emails and Notifications

While connecting with the candidates, it is a good idea to personalize the email subject line with the first name. The email content should also focus on the candidate job description, the team description in which the candidate will work. Also, it is a great idea to give explain the team’s roles and responsibility along with the candidate’s roles in the hierarchy. This will help the candidate to connect with the organization and his team. It enables him to quickly contribute to goals that are led for the team as well as the candidate.

4. Focus on the skills only that are required.

When a recruiter starts hiring, he should be clear on the skill set that is required for a respective job requisition. With these skills in mind, the recruiter shall focus on getting the right set of pre-hiring assessments. This will eliminate the undesired candidates to participate in the recruitment drive, thus saving them the time and efforts of the recruiter. Also, further online video interviews shall focus on the required skills. Do not forget the soft skills, as this is a very essential part of today’s era. This is ultimately adding to the improved candidate experience.

5. Online Candidate Documentation

If the candidate is expected to work remotely, then making a candidate to visit office physically just for the onboarding process does not make sense. It will not create a good impact on the candidate converted into your newly joined employee. Consider automating your onboarding process, where the onboarding activities like documentation and background verification can happen from any corner of the world.

Conclusion –

All the strategies that we have seen above are not only beneficial in the current pandemic situation. Recruiters who follow the above-mentioned, tricks and tips, and streamline the hiring process, will ultimately have a positive impact on employee performance and satisfaction in the long-term. However, they are also helpful in quick conversion and aids to boost efficiency. All the companies who are adapting to these strategies will see a clear difference in their recruitment business. Also try using an ATS, which will help you to implement the strategies with ease. As I mentioned earlier, we are using TalentOrb.

Would you like to boost your recruitment business?