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TalentOrb ATS – A Virtual Recruitment System

Virtual recruitment System - TalentOrb

A virtual recruitment system is software that allows recruiters and candidates to conduct the recruitment process without physical interactions. Virtual recruitment was never an easy task; however, with the smart ATS, it is now very much possible to remotely conduct the entire recruitment process.

What makes it possible for Talentorb to do the virtual recruitment is the capability to provide complete performance, from sourcing to screening, assessments, interviews, offers management, onboarding, and candidate engagement, in one place. Every single aspect of the recruitment like job requisitions, candidates, recruitment journey of the candidate is maintained in the system and is accessible to the authorized users as and when the need arises.

Every individual in the recruitment funnel is aware of their activities with the help of system notifications and reminders, action-based dashboards, and many other features. While we take care of all our operational needs, you can choose the right candidate with a 5X speed.

What are the advantages of a Virtual Recruitment System?

Virtual Recruitment strategies are now in boom after the erupt of the COVID-19 pandemic as the social distancing measures and remote working norms are in force. Let’s understand in detail the benefits of a Virtual recruitment system.

Ensuring continuity in the hiring process during lockdowns or difficult situations.
Remote hiring strategies are pushed as the pandemic has forced us to work from home. With virtual recruitment, we can hire and onboard new staff without any face-to-face meetings. The only thing needs are a stable internet connection and login access to TalentOrb.

Saving precious time and maintenance schedules.
TalentOrb enables you to screen more candidates in a shorter amount of time with help of CV Parsing, Resume Extractor, Resume Ranking, Interview Scheduling, Email templates, Offer Management, Online Onboarding, Online Documentation, and other classic features.

Reducing expenses
A well-designed ATS allows you to automate a lot of manual activities. Thus, you'll streamline and optimize the whole hiring process to make sure your funds are used effectively on finding and recruiting the simplest possible candidates . . In the long run, an organization will also save money on interview expenses, especially travel expenses for your out-of-town candidates as well as the recruiters and hiring managers.

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