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TalentOrb – Trusted recruitment platform for best user experience

In today’s competitive era, it becomes very difficult for recruitment agencies/businesses to manage and organize their business smoothly. Especially with the remote working and remote hiring concepts, the need for online channels is boosted. All the companies with traditional recruitment strategies are moving towards online strategies. With this change, the use of an applicant tracking system becomes necessary. TalentOrb the modern age ATS, is designed to offer the best user experience along with providing end-to-end recruitment solutions.

Let us understand the importance of ATS - TalentOrb. TalentOrb comes up with various features which can handle the entire recruitment process, make it efficient and also it will get masked with your recruitment processes and workflows. Let us check a few of the features which offer the best user experience.

Action-based dashboard – For every individual role, there is an action-based dashboard, which we also call the decision-making dashboard. This dashboard allows the user to take the action directly just by clicking on it. No need to explore the menu section to get the process done. This saves time and adds effectiveness to the recruitment process.

Configurable workflows – Every organization has its own set of recruitment processes. We offer easy modular designs which can match your recruitment workflow. Hence, the organizations need to worry while implementing the ATS for their recruitment business. All the roles and the privileges can be easily managed here.

Resume Management System – Recruiters waste hours scanning resumes, organize them and send them to the clients. TalentOrb offers the complete package of resume management with the features
• CV Parsing
• Resume Extractor
• Resume Ranking
• FacePage

Candidate Experience – TalentOrb offers a better candidate experience by timely sending them various details regarding Job Profile, Organization, Interview Schedule, Offer letter, etc,
It offers online onboarding to the candidate and eases the documentation process. All these activities build the confidence of the candidate towards the organization.

Performance Management – It is always essential to monitor the performance and track ROI for every task we do. TalentOrb offers performance management tools and reports which helps to make decisions and improve performance.

Other than these, TalentOrb also offers all the necessary features of the Applicant tracking system to manage your complete recruitment business.

Would you like to boost your recruitment business?