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Essentials of an ATS

Essentials of an ATS

Quick things to remember while choosing an ATS

This is the era of automation, and every organization is moving towards eliminating the manual activities to gain the efficiency in the process. One of the important activities in the organizations is recruitment and automating it through an applicant tracking system or software is a must-have.

Let us look at some important aspects which you should check while choosing an ATS.

Configurable workflows

Every organization have their own process, which they follow to hire an employee. The ATS you choose should be flexible enough to maintain your processes. There should be provision in the system to modify the recruitment workflows as per your needs. Also, the processes depend upon the type of the organization from recruitment agencies, staffing companies to SMEs and large organizations. Hence you must look out for an ATS which will cater to your workflows.

Security and Robustness

Many organizations have concerns for data security, and they will never compromise with this aspect. In such cases, on-premises solutions are preferred over the cloud-based systems. These solutions offer robust operations.

Technology – Scalability

Scalability is another important feature, which every organization demands which is very helpful in the long run. This flexibility for customization gives you the better recruitment experience and the best ROI.

Integrations – Everything at a single place

The recruiter needs to access the various software or platform in the recruitment lifecycle like HRMS, Career Pages, Job boards, social media. If your ATS is integrated with these platforms, life made easy for the recruiter and the time is saved. The recruiter can now focus on other important activities.

Return of Investment

If you are willing to move to an ATS from the traditional recruitment strategy, you should always work out towards the return on investment. The benefits realized should be checked well in advance before selecting an ATS.


While we choose any software to streamline our processes, it is very important that the software should be user friendly i.e., very easy to use. The performance may not improve if the software is complicated and difficult to use. So always ensure to get easy to use ATS.

One Stop Shop – All the modules in one pack

The recruitment is not just about the selection of the candidate. There are many other aspects to it. When all the modules are combined at one place recruitment function becomes easy. The other must have modules for companies are employee referral, vendor management, background verification, and the offer management.

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