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Recruitment Trends 2022

Recruitment trends 2022

Last year was full of challenges to our recruitment industry. We faced them all and survived. This year let’s be proactive and get all the challenges on a plate and find solutions to fix them, now, so the year ahead will mark success and prosperity.

1. Virtual Hiring is not going away – With the entry of Omicron in India, face to face interviews and onboarding is a challenge. Let’s transform our recruitment structure to get applicants online, schedule interviews and onboarding purely digital to skip all the activities planned at the physical location.

Remote working is something which candidates will prefer, in case your clients or your company is not in favour of remote work, showcase to them the data they are losing on good candidates.

2. Soft skills matters – A research conducted by LinkedIn showcases that 89% of poor hires lack in soft skills. The performance does not include collaboration and group work. Innovative thinking and adapting to new things is poor which hampers the time management as well the quality of work.

Hence, it is essential to choose a candidate with equipped soft skills.

3. Manual techniques won’t work, switch to ATS – If your company is still dependent on spreadsheets then you have too many chances to fail. The most important thing which will shape up your recruitment process in 2022 is digitalization and automation.
Work 5X faster, screen 3X faster and choose the perfect candidate with data-driven decisions. Get all your data at one place and make the software/ ATS work to get the desired hiring experience.

4. Focus on your brand – Applicants are very selective when it comes to choosing a job. The market is candidate-driven; you should expect 50% lesser applications as there are many criteria for an individual to apply for a job.
Employers need to make their workplace desirable by promoting what makes them unique, prioritizing specific elements which will appeal to target candidates. Plus, options like quick apply” will streamline the candidate experience and increase the volume of applications. Candidates are more likely to apply if they can submit their CVs at the touch of a button. Perfecting your employer brand and candidate experience will help counteract the reluctance candidates may have around applied for a job.

5. Embracing the passive candidates - Most of the organizations target the same candidates, who actively look out for the jobs. The better idea is approaching the passive candidates rather than the limited ones, who seek job opportunities. Passive candidates often make the job matches, This is the trend that will never go away. Build and maintain your talent pool with an ATS. Formulate a strong digital strategy to attract your talent pool.

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