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TalentOrb Features

While recruiting candidates, you must have ended up wasting hours and hours trying to organize candidate resumes, sending them to clients, scheduling interviews, doing follow-ups, preparing spreadsheets etc. Those valuable hours could have been on sourcing top quality talent and evaluating them, so that you can close more and more positions at great speed, growing your recruiting business, or enhancing your recruitment process.

TalentOrb is amazingly easy to use software which appears new only for a week or two and then it becomes an essential part of your recruitment process.

We made a tool to boost your hiring process

Talent acquisition management is a specialized skill that makes a difference in today’s competitive business world. Sourcing right candidate with right skills is no more a simple job. Recruiters today need to be innovative, resourceful, and efficient in finding the talent required. Therefore, organizations are putting extra efforts and being focused to attempt and attract the right talents. For doing so, organizations need the right software or tools that will provide an edge over its competitors and improve the efficiency of its entire recruitment process.

Softenger being part of this IT industry for the last two decades and is having expertise in providing quality IT and Application Support services for its worldwide customers. We know the importance of recruitment function to any organization as it is a key driving element that decides its growth path and success over market competition.

Softenger has produced, “TalentOrb”, the smart Applicant Tracking System which is built on experience and needs of recruitment function to be efficient and productive. It is designed to provide the best recruitment experience and resolve complexities, challenges faced in the overall process. It provides complete recruitment process lifecycle management from requisition creation to candidate selection till candidate on-boarding.

Below is the bouquet of features which TalentOrb offers at a single platform

Organizational Level

Easy Installation of TalentOrb

Customers can avail the options of Deploying the TalentOrb at their premise or can opt in for the easy to use SaaS based model

Activity Assignment Rules

This feature enables to assign the various hiring tasks to one or multiple individuals at the same time boosting the hiring process.

Roles & Privileges Management

All the roles and privileges can be easily managed in the TalentOrb to match your Recruitment processes.

Configurable Workflows

Easy modular designs to match up your recruitment process. It offers flexibility to configure recruitment workflows as per your needs.

Profile bank

The database or repository of candidate data. Search enables the recruiter to use various filters and search the prospective candidate easily.

Customized Email Templates

Allows you to build your brand towards the applicant and frees up the recruiter from executing the manual email drafting and sending activities.

Performance Management

Measures the performance of the recruiters and track their KPIs. This data helps the recruiter team lead to assign a job requisition to a suitable recruiter.

Candidate Experience

Candidate is updated timely with the various details about the Job, Interview Schedule and the organization which builds the confidence of the candidate towards your brand.

Online Documentation

The complete offer management and documentation of the candidate are done online, making it completely paperless.

Candidate Onboarding

Enables to track background verification, induction status of the candidate and allows you to convert the candidate into an employee.

Employee Referral

Easy to use Employee Referral Module to reduce dependencies on Job Portals and fasten the hiring process.

Seamless Integration

It offers seamless integration with HRMS, job portals, career webpage and social media.

Text Message Integration

This allows sending the text messages to clients and candidates by using SMS gateway through TalentOrb.

Customized Reports

All the reports in the TalentOrb can be customized to track the relevant pointers as per your recruitment needs.

User Level

Action Based Dashboard

All the actions in the TalentOrb are easily operated through dashboards which makes it easy for recruiters to use the portal and saves their valuable time.

CV Parsing

Easily imports CVs into the profile bank within a few clicks. Bulk upload is supported.

Resume Extractor

TalentOrb offers powerful feature of extracting resumes from various Job Portals to your profile bank in just one click.

Resume Ranking and Suggestion

The resume rankings features allow to match the candidate skills and attributes with the Job requisition and helps you to take informed decisions.

Status Tracking

Allows you to track the status of the candidate and job requisition in a click. This tracking helps the recruiter in their decision-making process.

Pre-Screening Assessment

The pre-screening assessment questionnaire helps the recruiter to source the suitable candidates leaving behind the unwanted profiles.

Call Tracker

The status of every single call can be maintained in the system. Helps to track candidate call history as well as the recruiter's calling performance.


Helps to send the profile snapshot of the candidate to the client or Project Manager with the company’s branding like logo and company description, etc.

Interview Schedule

Allows you to schedule the interviews easily with the help of notifications and reminders and reduces the conflicts by increasing the transparency.

Review and Score board

The candidate review and score board helps the client/project managers to track the journey of the candidate and take correct decisions.

Performance Management

Measures the performance of the recruiters and track their KPIs. This data helps the recruiter team lead to assign a job requisition to a suitable recruiter.

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