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TalentOrb is a modern age applicant tracking system that simplifies the hiring process, streamlines it and makes it efficient. It brings entire team on-board and helps you to make informed & data-driven decisions. We automate the hiring process and provides effective solutions to recruitment agencies, staffing companies, SMEs and large enterprises.

TalentOrb – A perfect solution to all the problems related to hiring process

Improved recruitment efficiency by 40%

CV parsing lowers data entry efforts & profile ranking offer higher success rates for recruiters Candidate portal and employee-referral portal save 100% of recruiter efforts. Intuitive UI and action-based dashboards increase the recruiters' efficiency.

It reduces dependency on job portals by 50%

Your own profile bank develops over a period of time. And hence, reduces 50% of user logins required to access job boards. Employee referral module adds in the reduction of dependency on job portals.

Improved conflict management by 80%

Logging of all events associated with each requisition. TalentOrb shows exact date/time of an event in the workflow and who has triggered the event.

Reduce the resource tracking by 50%

Statuses, Reminders, notifications, follow-ups are streamlined and system driven. Gives you freedom from maintaining spreadsheets and manual tracking.

Reduced the document management cost

Paperless, 100% documentation is in electronic format.

Reduce the cost of hiring by 50%.

50% increase in productivity.

2X volumes are supported by same set of recruiters.

Why is TalentOrb first choice of the recruiters?

Simplified workflow

  • Easy-to-operate
  • Enables users to decide the next action
  • Accelerates the entire recruitment process
  • Captures all stages of the recruitment process
  • Smart segmentation of roles, tasks and priorities within a various function

Analytically driven dashboard

  • Enables users to decide the next action
  • Helps individuals and managers in making a real-time data-driven decision
  • Display simplified trends & reports based on historical data
  • User-friendly dashboards give the user a holistic view of essential metrics
Profile Bank in ATS

Profile bank

  • Reduced dependency on job-boards
  • Build your referral/source profile pool
  • Fast retrieval of profiles by using a specific keyword search
In built communication in ATS

Enhanced in-built communication

  • Reduced conflicts due to effective communication
  • Lessens process conflicts & delays and aims for synchronized efforts
  • Interview scheduling and feedback sharing
  • Customized email notifications templates

Fully configurable, customizable and scalable

  • Modular design
  • Simplified configuration, flexibility for customization
  • On-premise as well as cloud solutions are available
  • TalentOrb serves you a superior recruitment experience and better returns on your investments.

Seamless Integration to boost the recruitment process

Job Boards

Social Media Platforms

Digitally Signing Platforms

Mail Server

Video Conferencing Platforms

Candidate Assessment Platforms

Instant Messaging Tools

HRMS Software

CRM and billing Software

TalentOrb is a one-stop-shop for the hiring process. It synergizes the multiple modules in one place to give great recruitment results.

Offer and BGV Management in ATS

Offer & BGV Management

You can easily manage entire HR interview and offer process. Take right hiring decisions and comply with background verification norms.

Vendor Management in ATS

Vendor Management

You can assign work to the vendor and monitor the vendor’s performance. It helps the organization to control cost overruns, drive service excellence and mitigate risks to gain increased service value from its vendors.

HR Documentation through ATS

HR Documentation

Simplified process for HR documentation enabling better governance. All the documentation is done through ATS online, at the time of onboarding. These documents are then verified during BGV.

Employee referral in ATS

Employee Referral

Using an ATS for employee referral programs saves time, reduces the dependency on job portals and helps in building the organization’s brand. It ensures that employees are recognized for referring suitable candidates and rewarded for their contributions.

Being a recruiter, searching the right candidate is very important part of my role. Resume Ranking feature of TalentOrb displays the right set of candidates against the job requisitions and helps me choose the right candidate. Also, I love the CV parsing feature, as it enables the addition of the resumes in the system within few clicks and saves a lot of my time.

Polson Chaudhary

Senior Recruiter at Softenger

TalenOrb has many great features of which the key highlights that we liked are their action based dashboards and also the real-time alerts and notifications. It is a complete recruitment management software. Recruiters do not have to maintain spreadsheets or reminders for daily tasks or next action. Team Leads can track recruiters’ performance and take data-driven quick decisions using information on the dashboard. It is also very easy to extract reports from TalentOrb for any client and can be used for the review meetings. We are sure that TalentOrb workflow will meet almost all the recruitment process by any organization!

Vijay Shimpukade

CEO at Worc Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Customer Reviews

We have been using the TalentOrb vendor module for more than a year. Our recruiters and team lead can check real-time performance and perform actions with ease.

Anand Bhide

Lead HR at CareerTrails

We are into recruitment business and optimizing our recruitment was a bit challenge. We started using ATS, TalentOrb and have resolved the issues like conflict management, maintaining offline worksheets and documents, managing requirements, tracking performance, etc. We have improved our efficiency and we saw clear results within 90 days.

Iram Akhtar

Director at Hyba Management Consultants

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