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Top 5 Applicant Tracking System Myths

Recruiting is one area where the adoption of technology has taken a different space altogether. It is a slow and ineffective business process that has been adapted for efficient business processes. An Applicant Tracking System helps in scaling up the business process and thanks to its adoption the benefits are known. While there are a lot of benefits of deploying an ATS then why are the recruiters reluctant in using an ATS system?

Here are 5 myths which are associated with ATS and some realities associated with them.

High Costs

Most of the recruiters come with this pre-conceived notion that an ATS system is costly and can be biased against it. They generally point at the installation cost and cost of running this system. The truth, however, lies in generating a high ROI from using this system. An ATS can help you spread the word for the different openings across social media that you have been looking out for. One of the long-term benefits that one can have is that it’s easy to filter out and screen the candidates across.

Confusing ATS with Job Portals

This is the mistake recruiters do. They misunderstand an ATS just like the normal online job portals. As they already advertise via these portals, they are mistaken that ATS would be doing the same. They can advertise job postings on social media with the help of just one button. Combining the ATS with job portals will help recruiters in saving time, money and efforts. Also, this will give efficient results.

It is meant only for the large organizations

Most of the recruiters believe that One of the biggest mistakes is to assume that smaller organizations do not require an ATS. As they would be increasing their operation in the future this system will help them to stabilize. Attracting quality candidates and requires using innovative means to reach them. An ATS is a recruiting system which allows the recruiters to identify and access the top talent.

Difficult to use while mass hiring

One of the arguments put up is that it can be difficult to use an ATS during mass hiring due to a time crunch. But one should not forget that an ATS is one of the best tools to deploy during mass hiring and it will also ensure that the whole process is streamlined, and best candidates will be selected. Most of the mass hiring fail due to the manual system and the non-effective screening within a short span of time. On the other hand, ATS runs on search algorithms and keyword-based searches which will scan thousands of resumes and give you the best fit within seconds.

Having that comfort factor

Lastly, most of the recruiters are already in their comfort zone by using the excel sheets. They do not want to invest time in learning this new system which will help them in the long term. ATS, in fact, will be easy to use.
An Applicant Tracking System is fully equipped with a host of functionalities. It is also a modular structure which will give the organizations the best value for their money. Once the end users, the recruiters will make use of this the decision of implementing an Applicant Tracking System will be one that will not be regretted.

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