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Check out our feature Social Media Integration, a perfect gift for busy recruiters!

Social Media Integeration

ATS is becoming essential part of the recruitment process now a days. It is used by recruitment agencies, medium to large enterprises, HR consultancies and every fortune 500 company. One of the main reasons is that the ATS saves lot of time by automating the manual processes. Many companies are using hiring software one step further and taking help of technology-based recruitment strategies. These recruiters use these technologies to boost their recruitment process. Here we have an excellent solution which increase the reach of the job requisition and makes it visible to the right set of candidates. Yes, it is the social media integration which easily displays the job requisition on the Social Media Platforms.

What is Social Media Integration?

Social Media Platforms are becoming the marketplace for the employers and the job seekers. Almost every individual use Social Media Platform to share and gain the information.

Companies use their ATS to post jobs onto LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Current employees can then share these job requisitions, updates, and current news with their own personal social networks, hence reaching out the wider range of referrals. Talent acquisition team can take benefit of the social networks of current employees. They can also check if the identified candidates are a part of their networks. If so, recruiters can request for that employee to leverage his or her connection to make the introduction.

How does Social Media Integration works?

It is very simple and is processed in 2-3 clicks. All you need to do is, login to the ATS view the Job requisition and you see the option to share the requisition on various Social Media Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You click on one of it and you get the readily made Social Media post with all the relevant job details like Job Profile, Experience and Job Description, etc. You click on post and your job is done.

Advantages of the feature Social Media Integration

Our Applicant tracking system TalentOrb, is committed to supercharge your social media hiring efforts by automating every manual task that takes you hours. It helps you post the jobs on all popular social platforms and all of this can be accomplished with just a few clicks. Here is how this feature is a boon to the recruiters

1. It allows the recruiter to post the Job on Social Media Platform through TalentOrb itself
2. Recruiters need not to login to all these Social Media Platforms separately to post the Job
3. The caption of the job is readily available (which includes job profile, experience, job description, etc.) with the review option.
4. Saves time and efforts of the recruiter, thus helping them to focus on selecting the right candidate

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