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TalentOrb – Applicant Tracking System

TalntOrb - Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System: Hiring Automation for Your Business Growth

TalentOrb is an advanced ATS software solution that helps every recruiter track talent in an actionable dashboard. TalentOrb’s main goal is to boost recruitment teams’ productivity by enabling automated and user-friendly ATS software.

Here are TalentOrb's top features

  • Smooth Recruitment Automation
  • Best Hiring & Candidate Experience
  • Time & Cost Saver for Revenue Growth

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*TalentOrb ATS does not offer candidates to organizations or jobs to individuals.

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ATS tool for recruitment

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Corporate email address only

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TalentOrb - Best software for recruiters

An automated applicants tracking system software solution for every recruiter

TalentOrb features solutions such as Requisition Management, Candidate Management, Interviews & Assessments with features such as Offer Management, Paperless Documentation, BGV & Onboarding along with Job Board Integration, Resume Parsing, Profile Management, Performance Management, and Vendor Management.

With TalentOrb, Recruitment agencies & Staffing agencies, SMBs, and Large enterprises can improve their recruitment processes, reduce their dependency on third parties and automate hiring processes.

TalentOrb has helped a team of recruiters to manage 3 Lakh+ Candidates annually & streamlined their hiring processes, improving recruiting efficiency.

All in one recruitment features suite

TalentOrb ATS offers customized software solutions that every recruiter wants

TalentOrb - ATS Analytics

Recruitment Insights

  • Insightful Analytics: TalentOrb Dashboard offers robust analytics for a comprehensive view of your recruitment cycle, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Custom Reports: Generate tailored reports and gain actionable insights for optimized recruitment strategies.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Leverage and analyse the recruitment cycle through visual representations to simplify complex data for enhanced decision-making.

Recruitment Simplified

  • ATS dashboard automates the entire hiring process, from job posting to onboarding.
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing HR tools and platforms.
  • Keep your recruitment team on track with task and deadline management features.

Streamlined Hiring Stages

  • Visual Pipeline Management: Kanban view that provides a visual representation of your candidate pipeline.
  • Customizable Stages: Customize the stages of the pipeline to fit your specific hiring needs.
  • Collaborative Hiring: Foster better team collaboration with shared visibility of the candidate pipeline

Enhanced & Centralized

  • Centralized Communication Hub: This allows recruiters to exchange messages, share updates, and collaborate on job postings within the platform.
  • Real-Time Messaging: Facilitate real-time messaging between recruiters directly within the ATS dashboard.
  • Collaboration and Task Management: Stay informed with collaborative notes, feedback and task assignment. 

Talent Management

  • Dynamic Candidate Pool Management: Effortlessly manage a dynamic pool of candidates.
  • Quickly find the perfect candidate with advanced search and filtering options.
  • A centralized repository of candidate information helps you make informed hiring decisions for each candidate’s potential.


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All in one recruitment features suite


Boost Recruitment Efficiency


Reducing Hiring


Resolved Hiring Conflits

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*TalentOrb ATS does not offer candidates to organizations or jobs to individuals.

TalentOrb -

Finding the ideal candidates in today’s competitive job market demands innovation, resourcefulness, and efficiency. Recruiters need advanced tools to outpace competitors and attract top talent. Softenger eases Talent Acquisition Management with  TalentOrb-Applicant Tracking System crafted to enhance the recruitment process. Drawing from real-world recruitment needs, TalentOrb streamlines hiring operations, offering end-to-end recruitment process from job requisition to candidate onboarding. Simplify your hiring process and achieve exceptional results with TalentOrb-ATS.

Traditional Recruiting vs TalentOrb Recruiting
Traditional Recruiting vs TalentOrb Recruiting
Recruitment with ATS

On Fingertips

TalentOrb offers seamless integration with HRMS, Mail Server and Job Portals to enhance and accelerate the recruitment process. Unlock the full potential of your recruitment strategy with our innovative recruitment software to simplify your hiring process.

Integrations On Fingertips

Hiring Automation

Optimized Cost & Time For Hiring

In 2024, the Hiring professional’s main Challenge is to optimize cost for supplies and resources, Here is the best applicant tracking system that can save up to 30% of your hiring cost and also helps to boost your recruitment speed and hiring accuracy, with robust ATS dashboard and optimized recruitment features

Requisition Management

Dashboard track every requisition

TalentOrb is an online applicant tracking system designed based on role base actionable dashboard which allows a team of recruiters to work on the same requisition for the different stages for faster results.

Candidate Tracking now becomes easier and helps in faster decision-making.

Candidate database

Smart Way Manage Your Candidate Database

As the goal is to automate the recruitment process from the talent acquisition team to a recruitment agency’s bigger team. We saw recruiters spend a lot of time on manual candidate uploads and manage them according to their requisitions to element this fuss TalentOrb has a centralized database of candidates’ profiles (Talent Pool) in order to find the most suitable candidates for requisitions, in an effort to increase productivity and accuracy.

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Yes, TalentOrb supports CV parsing, including XL-based bulk upload of CV data and parsing of Zipped CV.Get a live demo to find out more.

TalentOrb is a user-friendly applicant tracking system that displays a candidate status bar throughout the application process. Request a free demo today.

Yes, users can schedule interviews and track their occurrence / Get reminders for interviews scheduled from TalentOrb. Please call 7767885558 and request a live demo.

Yes, we support the SMS alert feature. Please take a live demo and learn more

Yes, a search using multiple keywords is available as a “boolean” search. Searching using one or more specified fields is also available. Please take a live demo and learn more

Yes, we provide 25 different reports to track the status of open positions as well as the status of candidates. Graphical and analytical reports are also available. We can easily customize the reports based on your needs. Take a Live Demo and know more.

Yes. Typically a staffing agency is expected to send data to their customers, in a customer-specified format. TalntOrb configures customer-specific email templates, which allow you to share data in different formats with different customers. Please call 7767885558 and request a demo

Yes, we support the SMS alert feature. Please take a live demo and learn more

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*TalentOrb ATS does not offer candidates to organizations or jobs to individuals.

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